Roofing & Reconstruction Contractors of America

The RRCA provides an alliance, support services and the ClaimExpress system to contractor members.
Roofing & Reconstruction Contractors of America
The RRCA is an alliance of contractors specializing in projects related to insurance claims that have joined together to solve their problems such as: getting projects approved faster, guaranteeing access to building materials and quality crews, getting paid upon completion, maintaining OSHA compliance, lowering the cost of general liability and worker's compensation and improving the public perception of the marketplace caused by crooked contractors and scam artists.

Our Contractor Members

1.     Are licensed and insured per state requirements
2.     Create trust by holding their actions accountable
3.     Are honest in all business practices
4.     Never lose communication & answer calls promptly
5.     Inspect properties within 48 hours of being notified of an issue
6.     Correct workmanship warranty promptly & professionally
7.     If not warranty, correct problems at "cost plus"
8.     If disagreement persists, sign a "Well Defined Dispute Sheet" 
9.     Pledge to arbitrate if settlement terms are unacceptable
10.   Arbitrate within 30 days of signing the "Well Defined Dispute Sheet"

As the founding sponsor of the research and development of the system, we invested many years and many thousands of dollars developing and testing the technology and legalities that combine to create the efficiencies that save contractors, property owners and insurance companies a lot of time and money.  

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