All of the main links in our application take you to a list of records that you can search, sort, filter and rearrange, just like microsoft excel. For instance, when you click Leads, you get a list of all of your Leads based on the Date Lead In. By clicking Date Lead In at the top of the list, you can rearrange the order of the leads from last one in to first one in. Same with Last Name...this rearranges them alphabetically. Same with Zip Code..this rearranges them by zip code. So, you don't have to know microsoft excel to use this just need us to show you that it is available to you and how easy it is to use. We call this Live Reports and we don't make a big deal out of it..because, we mostly just want to run our business, not our software. So, we search, find the record, drill down and complete our work.
Reports are grouped into categories.

1)   Scoreboards - motivate sales reps and management
2)   Quick Links - very handy list such as:  "all projects that need punch out"
3)   Payroll Reports - automatically created at end of week, Monday Noon
4)   Follow Up & Thank You's - a letter for each new lead & project this week
5)   Collections Letters - a letter for each project past 30, 60, 90 days

Plus a lot more.