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Why for Homeowners

Do you live in an area that is constantly threatened by earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, flood, tornados, wind or hail?  If so, are you prepared?  If you have been through an earthquake, fire, hurricane or tornado then you know what is needed and will be pleasantly surprised how simple, effective and valuable our application and our service provider connections can be for you.
Why for Homeowners
The system helps property owners prepare for a claim before they occur by giving them the ability to create an online filing cabinet for every property they own. The idea is to know your policy coverage's, know the cost to reconstruct your home and know how much personal property inventory you have so that if you have a claim you can go online and use the information to help quantify your loss, rebuild your property and settle up with your insurance company, mortgage company and contractor.

The system provides the tools so that the property owner can control his own claim. There are mechanisms for collaborating with contractors online, for recording and tracking the actual cost of a claim and for presenting their claim file to their insurance company for Approval. For those insurance companies that don’t use the system, the property owner just prints out the docs and mails them directly to the insurance company.


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