Collection Process

As soon as you have a Project ID you can receive payments. However, the collection process begins when the last job in the project is closed. A Task is automatically generated for you to Process Final Paperwork. As with all Tasks in our system, you get an email reminder and a link directly to the page where you need to complete your work.
Collection Process
The Basics include:

1)   Check if Supplements are Required, Complete the Form
2)   Click Process Final Paperwork and Review the Statement of Completion
3)   If correct, print it and click Done.  Email and fax it like you always do
4)   Two New Tasks are Automatically Created for You to Complete
5)   Verify Insurance Company & Verify Mortgage Company

History tells us that printing and faxing your paperwork to insurance and mortgage companies is only the first step in the process.  In order to make sure you get paid you must call the Insurance Company and Mortgage Company to make sure they have received it and that there is no more paperwork they require to write and release the checks

We use Tasks that are due Today that record the DATE, TIME and person we spoke with.

Management can easily get notified when Tasks become Overdue.