Build Process

The build process begins when you pull the manilla folder from your inbox. Teach your people to enter the data in ClaimExpress or do it for them. Either way, only a manager can approve the contract by checking to see that it is valid, that the insurance paperwork is acceptable and that you have enough information to input the Jobs List, Selling Price, Cost Of Materials (materials order) and Cost of Labor (labor order). Once your file is correct and the profit margins are acceptable, you click the "Convert to Project & Assign Project ID" button and the system automatically assigns it the next job number...aka Project ID
Build Process
The Basics are:

1)   Process the Contract - Estimate Your Profits, Commissions
2)   Assign PID, Print & File Paperwork, Use Your Magnets if You Want
3)   Assign Job Orders to Suppliers & Crews - everybody gets an email
4)   Verify / Close the Job Order (invoices) when they come in

There is nothing else to do.  Build them as fast as you can.  Verify and Close the Job Orders as the invoices come in.  The system cuts off payroll to all job orders verified / closed before Monday at Noon.  Your reports are generated and ready for your bookeeping department so that your payroll can be there on Friday.